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"When one door closes - another door opens."

Throughout most of my life I've been a competitive person, especially when it came to sport.

Coming over the winning line in 1st place, I would feel a huge sense of personal achievement.

However, that may have been the case in my running competitions, but when it came to competing with my ponies/horses I just never had the dedication needed to succeed.

My heart wasn't in it enough, my intuition was telling me that neither was my equines !!! Recently, I've had this niggling doubt about the combination of Equine Agility and competition. Seeing the looks of disappointment and sometimes embarrassment on the faces of some of the clinic competition participants, when receiving the last place rosette, was leaving me with an uncomfortable feeling, after all in my eyes they were all achievers and winners.

This feeling of doubt was beginning to creep into the judging of the On Line monthly video competitions.

Running the league tables seemed to be creating, to me, needless pressures, pressures to meet deadlines, hurried entries for the sake of staying "up there," entries of poor quality that were not a true portrayal of the equine/handler partnership, I felt this wasn't right, time for a change!

Sally Golding - Equine Agility UK

We are all achievers and winners.
Know yourself - believe in yourself - understand your equine.
Believing is achieving .

Creating a different perspective.

The keyword to describe Equine Agility is "communication"
Communication is the foundation on which a trust based equine/handler partnership can be formed, the building blocks of which are compassion and understanding.
The universal language that all species understand is "energy"
Our energetic language always tells the truth about ourselves, our energy field is only ever authentic.
Our equines tune into this energetic field, they can see, feel and hear it, they're own survival depends on their ability to do so.
As human beings it is us, that no longer knowingly, uses this innate ability to communicate with others, energetic messages are so often ignored and dismissed.
Technology has helped us to bypass our use of "tuning in" we longer need to, our phones, computers, radios and televisions provide us with all we need to know, don't they ?

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Our equines are constantly inviting us to communicate, to see, to hear, to listen, they "know", we cannot hide from them.
Equine Agility invites you on a journey that will lead to self discovery, all you need is an open mind and a compassionate heart and a willingness to be your authentic self.
Through the use of the obstacles to pose the questions, that together you will explore to find the answers, you will achieve "communication" and develop  mutual trust and understanding.
Yours is a personal journey with your equine, our role in it is to encourage you along the way and to provide you with thoughts and ideas to help you achieve your own personal goals.
Through our Achievement Awards we will celebrate and mark those special occasions with you and reward you with our rosettes and certificates.