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Equine Agility UK
On Line Achievement Awards.

Work at your own pace - no monthly deadlines.

Personal learning and self improvement.

Build on your own achievements.

Form your own version of success.

As an individual, create meaning and substance in your agility practice.

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What counts as an achievement ?


Everything that you made happen that bought some good into your life !

Meeting monthly deadlines, when you're busy with work and family, can create frustration and stress.

Two things that aren't exactly conducive to submitting your best competition entry.

This is not the way we want it to be !

We have therefore decided to no longer run the monthly on line video competitions and league tables.

Instead we have created a system of personal achievement awards for you.

Make your own choices about the speed of your progression,

Gain points to add to your own individual scores and accomplishments.

Work your way through the different levels and stages.

We will mark your achievements along the way with awards and certificates.

Try your hand at some of our new workshops.

We have added, and will keep adding, workshops that cover ALL aspects of  equine agility, including  self improvement and awareness, equine communication and understanding.

We're very excited about this

We hope you will be to !

Partnership above performance.
Self improvement and empowerment.
When we make the equine/human relationship our priority, endeavouring to make the time spent interacting with our equine partners, a meaningful and harmonious practice, then we will always be winners.

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