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Equine Agility UK.

Helping to build connected partnerships.

Welcome to our website.

Join us and become part of an ever growing equine sport that is both fun and educational.

Our aim is to inspire you to create a relationship with your equine based on mutual trust and understanding, placing the welfare of the equine as paramount and above all else.

Equine Agility UK is open to all, we welcome members of all abilities, so whether you are just starting or have been competing for some time, or maybe you just want to use the concepts of equine agility to help improve your relationship with your equine, there is something for everybody.

Compete On Line.

Take part and have fun in our monthly on line video competitions.

We have lots of different classes for you to choose from.

The competitions open on the 3rd of each month and close on the 28th, so you have lots of time to practice, all from the comfort of your own yard, with no travelling and no stress.

The theme that runs throughout all our competitions, is self improvement.

The aim is to provide a competitive platform where everybody through personal achievement is a winner!

For this reason we have decided to no longer run the league tables. (from May 2022)

Pick and choose from our individual classes and competitions.

Join our Facebook group page and take part in our FREE, FUN competitions

Find out more about the obstacles we use and how to build them.

EAUK professionals and how you can join us and become one.

Equine Agility UK, our time line.


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