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Let's be Serious !

Equine Agility UK is an equine/handler partnership based practice, with a competitive element - so does that make it an equine sport ?

There is a growing trend against equine sports, and rightly so.

The view that the words "sport" and "animal" shouldn't go together is a very valid one, for the most the animal, in this case the equine, participation, is not of their choice.

So how can Equine Agility UK address this ?



Our aim is to continually keep challenging our own standards and views of how we present our sport.

To us, this has to be an organic process, there has to be room for allowing change.

If we introduce something and we feel it doesn't sit well with our ethos, we will change it, or as in the case of an obstacle, we will withdraw it.

The welfare, particularly the mental welfare of the equine, must come first and be placed and held at the centre of all our work.


To establish and maintain high standards of practice.

To always endeavour to view this practice from a equines perspective.

To promote good horsemanship.


The responsibility to protect the mind, body and spirit of the equine, lies with us all.

We must all be accountable, us as an organisation, you as an individual.

Principles of Equine Agility
<>  To only promote the use of SAFE & SENSIBLE obstacles.
Strong and sturdy construction is paramount - screws instead of nails please.

<>  NO hoops - to jump through or step into on the ground.
Simple as they are, hoops on the ground can create multitude of problems, stepped on, they can flick up under the belly or get dragged by being caught around the fetlock - best avoided.
Hoops to jump through, the construction of them makes them an unsafe obstacle, therefore we cannot advocate them  
<>  We do not advocate the use of treats and clickers.
We feel the use of treats and clickers is counter productive to the principles of Equine Agility (read more about this below)


Clickers and Treats

Equine Agility UK is a Equine/Human mutual communication based training practice and competition. It is the quality of the relationship that is being judged and not the performance of the equine.

We feel that using a clicker and treats completely changes the conversation. It is very hard to fairly judge a competition round when someone is using a clicker - much of the visual body language that should be displayed when the equine/human are working together, is lacking and sometimes completely absent, meaning the judge has nothing to mark and a low score must be given.

Positive Reinforcement

It is our view that your "positive" thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions are all that is necessary to create understanding and to positively reward your equine when you both reach a desired outcome.

The obstacles are there to create questions, to promote conversation and to help build trust and understanding - they are not there to merely be "performed" by the equine.

Equine Agility UK has nothing to do with trick training, that is a completely different thought process and training method and one that is not supported by us.

Thank You 

Equine Agility UK is dedicated in it's work to promote a sport that recognises  the equine as an equal partner and competitor.

Our thanks to you for your help in supporting us to do so.

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