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Equine Agility UK.

Equine Agility UK is an freelance, independent not for profit business.
We have no associations with and are not in anyway connected to The International Horse Agility Club.

Helping to build connected partnerships.

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Join us and become part of an ever growing equine sport that is both fun and educational.

Our aim is to inspire you to create a relationship with your equine based on mutual trust and understanding, placing the welfare of the equine as paramount and above all else.

Equine Agility UK is open to all, we welcome members of all abilities, so whether you are just starting or have been competing for some time, there is something for everybody.

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The competitions open on the 3rd of each month and close on the 28th, so you have lots of time to practice, all from the comfort of your own yard, with no travelling and no stress.

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Equine Agility is suitable for all ages and all abilities.
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The history of Equine Agility UK

by Sally Golding.
 The beginnings.

My love of everything equine began when I was eight years old and I accompanied a friend to the local riding school, from then on I was hooked, often cycling the 6 miles to get there, taking a packed lunch and staying there all day.

My first pony Tango, arrived when I was twelve and since then I have never been without a horse. Currently I now have nine, four of which are Shetlands, all are non-ridden, I no longer ride myself.

In my late teens, I started a riding club for the local children, called the Hoof Beat Riding Club, using mine and my sisters out grown ponies, that we couldn't bear to part with. Along side teaching the children to ride, we encouraged them to come and be involved in all the different aspects of horse care, organising fun club days and gymkhanas for them to participate in. This seemed to set a theme for the future.

As the demand to be involved with the ponies grew, our small riding club became a licensed riding school, The Woodhill Riding Centre, however the fun activities still continued, the children needed no encouragement to join in. Like I used to do, they would come and spend all day at the stables, helping with whatever needed doing.

The Riding Centre closed when the land we rented was sold for building.

My work life has mostly been horse related, spending eighteen informative years working for the racehorse trainer Henrietta Knight. Hen along side the racing, also bred Connemara ponies, standing the stallion "Le Carrow King". If you really want to learn about horse language and communication, then brood mares and their offspring are the ones to teach you ! 

As the "Natural Horsemanship" movement began to grow, a group of us that were interested In groundwork and equine communication, got together and formed a small club, we called ourselves "The Horse Ability Club". Inspired by Pat Parelli we built a horse "playground" with many different obstacles designed to provide our horses with fun and learning. That was 12 years ago.

With the advent of horse agility we dropped the name of our group when it became to confusing. 

By now though, we had really caught the "Horse Agility" bug the name coming from a book one of our members had found, by the Finnish author Koikka Loikka. Many of his fast and furious and sometimes extreme videos can be found on YouTube.

In Finland Hevosagility had become a popular hobby, the competition had little structure though, the obstacles could be done in any order and against the clock, you needed to be really fit !

Horse Agility is now practised in all countries across the globe, each with it's own unique variations, but all with the same fundamental ethos, the promotion of good horsemanship. 

My love of Shetland ponies led to me starting Shetland Pony Agility,

running clinics and competitions, however many of the participants

were horses and so from this, Equine Agility UK was formed.

My thanks though, have to go to the Hoof Beat Riding club,

The Woodhill Riding Centre and the Horse Ability Club, they set the

theme for how Equine Agility UK is now structured and run.

It was all the lovely people that took part over the years and of course

all the wonderful horses that have taught me so much, and for that 

I am so very grateful.

Thank you.

                  Sally Golding

With my son Jack and
his pony "Holly" 1995